Desert manager TASKS


1.      Email parents regarding bringing deserts

2.      Obtain paper and plastic goods ($$ will be added to the hall rental fee and divided among all families; just tell the OrgKomitet how much you have spent)

3.      Buy and refrigerate drinks  ($$ will be added to the hall rental fee and divided among all families; just tell the OrgKomitet how much you have spent)

4.      Manage storing deserts in the kitchen as parents bring them before the concert (hide the desert and drinks until after the concert, do not serve in the intermission, otherwise our actors will get nothing J )

5.      Manage setting the tables after the concert

6.      Make sure the tables are cleaned when all is over (together with the Hall Manager)


Note: The Desert Coordinator will organize other parents and the kids to set tables, to clean, etc. - not do it all him/herself.


DETAILED RECOMMENDATIONS written by MARCH 2009 Desert manager Yulia Ehrlich


To buy:

         Paper/plastic goods.

         a. Paper plates 1 pack of 200-300 plates, medium size (Costco).

         b. Plastic cups 1 pack of 160-300 cups (I bought larger size cups they are more stable) (Costco).

         c. Plastic spoons/forks/knifes 1 mix pack of 210 (at the concert we need just forks, but at Costco the min pack with just forks is 500; also we used the spoons/knifes at the party afterwards) (Costco or reg. Supermarket).

         d. Napkins 1 pack of 200 ( reg. Supermarket).

         e. Tablecloth 1 pack of 6 (we used 4) (Costco).

         f. Paper towels 2 ( reg. Supermarket).


         a. Juice I bought 2 large bottles of Cranberry Juice.

         b. Seltzer water/Soda/Sprite/Coke at least 10 large bottles (from my experience I would buy 6-7 bottles of regular Seltzer water, 2-3 bottles of lemonade, 2 bottle of Sprite/Coke).

         c. Regular water 1-2 gallons.

To do:

         Prior to the concert find 2-3 volunteer fathers and 1-2 volunteer mothers to help with table set up.

         E-mail to all participating families reminder to bring sweets/fruits for desert. Fruits have to be washed and cut at home.

         Bring regular water and paper towels to the dress rehearsal.

         Cool down all water drinks overnight (I even put them in the freezer for couple of hours). Bring water in the cooler to the concert.

         Bring a knife to slice pies, etc.

         Be at the hall about 45 min before the start of the concert to let people know where to put (hide) desert. Do not take anything out before the concert or during intermission except regular water.

         Right after the concert (when people are still applauding) start setting up the tables and food.

         After the desert is over, organize parents to clean everything, help put extra paper/plastic goods and food/drinks in the car (the person's who will bring them to the cast party/picnic/etc).